Join the largest CrossFit Kids gym in Canada

At FirePower Kids, your child will cultivate a love for fitness, sport and play.

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Download Our Guide

Keep Your Kids Fit And Healthy

FirePower Kids is the largest CrossFit kids gym in Milton, and all of Canada

Kids need exercise just as much as adults do. At FirePower Kids, your child will cultivate a love for sports, games and play. We make fitness fun with creative, challenging programs, including…

Help your child embrace an active lifestyle with CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Kids is a fitness program that benefits kids in everyday life. Our trained coaches teach functional movements that develop strength, coordination, balance, agility, flexibility and endurance. And we do all this in a fun atmosphere that keeps kids interested and motivated to be their best!

Why join FirePower Kids?

  • We have skilled, professional coaches and coaching assistants
  • The FirePower Kids facility is top of the line (and attached to a world-class adult facility)
  • Our top-notch equipment is age-appropriate and safe
  • Qualified coaches tailor programming to meet the needs and abilities of each child
  • Flexible membership options give you and your family choices. Discover the FUN that FITs you!

Sign up for a free intro to learn about and experience the fun, encouraging atmosphere we nurture at FirePower Kids. We’ve built a community of fitness in Milton and your kids can be part of it!