NOTE: We are not currently offering Cirque classes – please feel free to contact us to discuss other great options for your child!

Cirque Kids improves motor learning through self-expression

circus cirque kids miltonPerformance-based cirque classes introduce children to diverse circus skills such as aerial, wire walking, acrobatics, juggling and object manipulation. Circus classes are among the most high-energy, educational and incredibly fun programs offered and we’re proud to have brought it to the area.

We have world-class coaches with international training and experience who creatively teach the physically challenging art of circus fitness. They are motivating, encouraging and plan meticulously to make every class engaging and inclusive.

Age-appropriate equipment and customized programming

Most of our circus kids enter the program with no acrobatic skills or experience with circus fitness. After experiencing the electric atmosphere of the classes they’re hooked! Circus kids quickly get stronger, more coordinated and self-confident.

Our Cirque Kids programming offers much more to your child than just improved physical health. They will also:

  • Work on team-building skills
  • Be encouraged to grow in creative expression
  • Sharpen visual and spatial awareness skill
  • Experience the thrill and excitement of learning circus acts

The only circus classes in the area!


  • Cirque Kids for ages 6-9
  • Cirque PreTeen for ages 10-13
  • Cirque Performance for ages 10+
  • Adult workshops (occasional)

Let your kids experience the fun and book your free circus kids trial class today. We’ll show you how fun healthy can be!

Circus Classes

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