How fitness can transform your life beyond your waistline

A newfound confidence, a new sense of adventure, a healthier relationship, an increase in happiness, a proof of courageousness.

How do you measure being healthy, fit and in shape? Do you whip out the tape measure to check whether you’ve reduced your waistline? Do you step on a scale to see if the number is lower than before? Are these tactics and tools proof of a “transformation”? Maybe, though they are but a part of the puzzle from the perspective of a social media viewer.

I look back through my impressionable 11-year-old eyes and remember a world full of magazine pictures of the “ideal” body: thin, tall, buxom. My natural reaction was to then compare these to what I looked like in the mirror.

If I were that same 11-year-old in today’s social media-dominated world, my view of the “ideal” body would reveal endless Before and After pictures of midlines. Today’s body image goals are measured by “selfies” and the accompanying likes, comments and hashtags. Throw in comparison tools like #weightlosstransformation and it’s little wonder the Dove Self-Esteem Project in the UK revealed that 47% of girls ages 11 to 14 refuse to take part in activities that will show off their bodies in any way — like swimming or performing in a school play.

Now, at age 39, I still get caught up in surfing Instagram and Facebook. I see hundreds of bared midline transformation pics, and I pause, and I consider whether I too should embark upon a social media fitness journey. What kind of traction would my own selfies gain?

When my mind wanders in this direction I refocus my energy and attention on the hundreds of little human beings I’m surrounded by daily (including my own!) and I realize their fitness journeys are in full swing. They are transforming every day right before our eyes. We don’t need a scale or a midline pic to see these transformations; I can see it in their behaviour, in their faces, in their conversations, and in the way they stand tall!


So, my next question is: how have changes in health and fitness transformed you, and more specifically, your mind, in addition to your body?

I’m going to throw something out there to the world of social media: let’s capture the effect a fitness transformation has had on you or the young people in your life. The terms: to showcase a newfound confidence, a new sense of adventure, a healthier relationship, an increase in happiness, a proof of courageousness.

Post your Before pic along with a NOW pic. Not an After pic; this isn’t the end of anything but rather, the beginning of the rest of your fitness -and life- journey. #fitnessjourney #fitnesstransformation

Teach the importance of being healthy young in life, both in body and mind; this will ensure it lasts a lifetime.


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Aiden Dawson

Izzy Donoghue

Coach Jackie


Written By:

Jackie Clark,

Wife and Mom of Two

Co-Owner FirePower Kids and Co-Founder Youth FitFest

CF-L2, CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Gymnastics

RMC PE Teacher


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