In 2015, FirePower Kids launched the Buy a Brick program and the search for deserving Summer Camp participants began. We received many submissions, but the story of Jayden and Mya gained the attention of our staff and coaches:

I recently read about your upcoming FirePower Kids’ summer camp program in the local Milton Champion newspaper… I would like to nominate our 9 year old son Jayden for your free week of summer camp. Jayden had some trouble when he was born and as a result he acquired a brain injury that caused him to have some mild cerebral palsy and developmental delays.

Jayden has spent his whole life having to work harder to do things and achieve things; from simple daily tasks to more challenging work or activities. Jayden has spent time in various therapies and appointments. He is sometimes sad, like when things come easy for his little sister, but not that easy for him. However, he is happy for her and bounces back. Jayden has come a long way! He doesn’t shy away from trying new activities or sports. His strength, coordination, flexibility and balance are not perfect but he works at it! Luckily, Jayden is doing quite well. He can ride a bike and a scooter, toboggan, skate, ski, swim, and more. He integrates quite well in to regular classes/camps. Your fitness camps would help him with his physical goals, as well as provide him with added self-confidence and self-esteem. He would feel empowered and strong!

We were so impressed with what Jayden had accomplished in his nine years of life, we were eager to meet this superstar in person… and then we learned more about his sister.

“Jayden has a younger sister, Mya, who is seven years old. She is quite active and is quite helpful to Jayden too. She is always there to assist him, whether it is opening a container for him or helping him zip up his coat in the winter. She is always willing and able and offers him encouragement!”

It sounded to us like Mya and Jayden were each other’s biggest cheerleaders, so we decided to invite them both to summer camp at FirePower Kids.

[Mya – 7, Jayden – 9]

Mya and Jayden attended the Cirque Kids camp the summer of 2015. They spent the week at FirePower Kids, hanging from trapeze bars, swinging on silks, walking on a tight rope, throwing and catching juggling balls, and at the end of the week, they performed in front of a crowd with their fellow campers.

Afterwards, Mom said, “Camp gave Jayden so much happiness and confidence. He fit in!” and, “Mya loved all the cirque activities and has been talking about becoming a CIT (coach in training.)”

Flash forward two years to 2017; Jayden, now 11, and Mya, age 9, joined us once again, this time during our March Break Camp.

Both young athletes, once newbies to FirePower Kids, are leaders showcasing what they’ve learned to fellow campers and new friends. The confidence they exude, their smiles and their contagious energy is infectious among campers, coaches and staff! Jayden and Mya are inspirational young people bound for greatness.

Today, Jayden and Mya are giving back to our fitness community. They each purchased a blue brick and their handprints can be seen on our Community Wall. They’re helping to provide other young people a chance to experience FirePower Kids camp just as they did.















[Mya – 9, Jayden – 11]


What is the Buy a Brick Program?

The support of the FirePower Kids community enables FirePower Kids to offer an amazing week of camp to a child in need. Buying a brick is a unique opportunity to pay it forward to the youth in our community.

Participants of the Buy a Brick program not only leave their personal mark on our Community Wall; they become a part of the fitness community legacy that is being built. Most importantly, they know they’re helping to send deserving kids to camp.

Brick Certificates, an original gift-that-gives, are available for $25 per brick.

All money raised through the Buy a Brick program goes toward sending deserving children to a FirePower Kids day camp.

[photo credit: Laurie Goodman Photography]

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