How Do YOU Build Confidence as a Coach?

Building Confidence as a Coach

How do you build confidence as a coach? My answer is… coach! When I first started coaching I got nervous before I went out on the gym floor. I would program, prep and plan for hours before each class since it didn’t yet feel natural.

I’d always compare my style to others. I’d think “I wish I could be more technical like …” or “I wish I could be as funny as …” Now, after years of coaching, I’m still learning and striving to become a better coach. I invest in professional development through courses, workshops and certifications. Over the years, I’ve learned what works, what doesn’t and how to adapt for each athlete (and parent!) And still the self-talk: “How do I know if I’m any good?”

Here’s my self-evaluation based on my client-athlete interactions in a single day:

The background: a couple months ago, a woman came to me because she wanted to work on her endurance. She met with me once a week for eight weeks, for 30 minutes each session. Each week we focused on endurance training. During her final session recently, I retested her on the same workout she completed in week one. The result? She beat her time by almost four minutes! Talk about a proud moment as a coach. I loved watching her beam with pride in her accomplishments.

Just one hour later I received a hug from the mother of one our athletes, a non-verbal boy with autism. Her son has been coming to one of my classes for almost a year. When he first started at FirePower Kids he would run around on his own, and had difficulty listening and participating with the group. Since then, he has made great strides! I now get hugs and a gentle hand from my little friend on a weekly basis. He participates with all of the kids in their weekly CrossFit, Boxing or Circus classes and he is now communicating with his words and actions! Another proud moment as I receive a hug from mom.

It was a good day: later that same evening, I received an email from one of my veteran coaches praising the excellent work of a rookie coach.

I reflected on the fact that this veteran coach, once a rookie herself, made a point of celebrating her colleague, and that my rookie coach is becoming a super star. I’m sure both of these coaches experienced feelings similar to mine when I first started coaching; to see each of them shine in their own way -and not my way but their very own way- makes me proud as proud can be!

These standout moments give me the confidence and inspiration to keep on coaching. How do YOU build confidence as a coach?