Saturday, December 19 – Daily Workouts


MIGHTY MINIS (AGES 3 to 5) @ 9:00am


INTRO: Whiteboard Meeting

WARM UP: Jingle Bells Burpees

  • Sing (or play the song ) Jingle Bells.
  • Every time you say or hear the word Jings Bells = do a Burpee!

SKILL: Santa Rope Swing

Practice holding onto the rope. Swinging from one mat to the next

WOD: 12 Days of Holiday Cheer – 12 Times or 5 Minutes

  • 1 Santa Rope Swing
  • 1 Reindeer Run a Lap

GAME: SnowMen Builders & Breakers (aka Farmers & Lumberjacks)

Put out all of the pylons/cones. Half of the group are the builders that make sure all the pylons are standing up and tall. The other half of the group are the breakers that knock the snowmen down, only with their hands. After 30 – 50 seconds, switch so they each get a chance to be builders and breakers.


FPK FIT KIDS @ 10:00am

45 minutes

**Review FPK behavior and safety rules** daily

WARM UP: GO, BACK, Hit it!

  • Kids line up in 2 lines
  • When Coach yells “GO” the first two kids in line start running towards other end of gym
  • When Coach yells “BACK” they have to start running backwards
  • When Coach yells “HIT” they must drop to the floor them jump up and keep running in same direction

Repeat and rotate through all kids in the line

SKILL: Broad Jump

  • Measure best of 3! Compete against yourself, not your partner

GAME: Oscars Trash Can

  • Set up mats on their sides to create a large circle “Trash Can”
  • Place foam balls, bean bags and other soft objects “trash” outside the trash can
  • Put half of the group inside the trash can, and half of the group outside the trash can
  • 3-2-1 Go Oscars are trying to keep trash out of the can by throwing it back out, and those on outside are throwing the trash in
  • Switch and repeat 90 sec shifts

GAME: FPK Scavenger HUNT

  • Put the kids into teams of 2 or 3
  • Here is the list of items they must find and collect:

AFP Scavenger Hunt_Dec


WARM UP: Coach’s Choice
SKILL:  KettleBell Sumo Deadlift High Pull

WOD: 12 Days of Holiday Cheer – 12 MIN AMRAP

  • 1 SDHP KB + Run a Lap
    2 SDHP KB + Run a Lap
    3 SDHP KB + Run a Lap
  • 4 SDHP KB + Run a Lap
  • 12 SDHP KB + Run a Lap


CHALLENGE: 12 rep challenges…what time does it take to complete 12 burpees…12 sprints…can you hold a handstand for 12 seconds…can you hold an L-Sit for 12 seconds etc.



45 minutes

Speed Footwork Warm Ups , Heaving Bag work, Instructor pad work