Summer Camp Lunches – Packing Tips

Yay, schools out! No more packing lunches…oh wait, summer camp lunches, ahhhh!

As I’m sure you are a pro at packing lunches for the school year by now and know what your kids like and don’t like, below I’ve highlighted a some things to consider when packing lunches for your children during the summer months when you send them off to camp:

  • Length of Day – Full day camps are typically longer than the average school day; considering packing more food so your kids don’t go hungry.


  • Weather – The weather is typically much hotter during summer months than during the school year, which may have an impact on your child’s appetite and what they’ll eat. They might prefer more refreshing foods like fruits and cold foods versus a thermos of soup or chili.


  • Lunch Bag Storage – Where will the lunch bag be stored? In a backpack inside an air-conditioned room or outside in the heat or in a refrigerator? Pack accordingly with cold packs or items that won’t melt quickly or go bad like yogurts and cheeses.


  • Camp Activity – Consider how active your child might be and nourish them accordingly. If they are in a sports camp or fitness camp, consider packing more food than you might have in their school lunch.


  • Water – a refillable water bottle is a must to ensure they stay hydrated throughout the day.

If you are sending your child to a camp at FirePower Kids, or a similar fitness or sports camp, you will want to pack them a well-balanced healthy lunch along with snacks full of nutrients required to keep them healthy, active and alert all day. I also recommend a hearty breakfast to get the day started.

Have a safe, fun and healthy summer!

For specific tips on what to pack for lunches, or what is a hearty breakfast, please contact Coach Jackie at


Coach Jackie

Jackie Clark

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*Disclaimer: I am not a dietician or nutritionist, nor am I an expert at eating healthy. I just experiment with food to better understand my body and to experiment what works for me and my family…and what doesn’t!