The perfect complement to our regular programs

Designed to help your young athlete excel, our Specialty Programs include Homeschool Phys Ed, Junior Varsity and Competitive training, and PA Day Camps, plus personal and team training!

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We offer camps and special programs throughout the year, too

At FirePower Kids, we get kids moving! We strive to create opportunities to work with children and show them just how fun fitness can be. To foster an appreciation for fitness, we also rent our space to groups that may not otherwise have access to a positive fitness space.

Our Homeschool Phys Ed program is a popular class that ensures Homeschoolers stay active and fit. We also host groups for team-building, team training and social gatherings, and we host amazing birthday parties!

A new perspective on fitness can shape your child’s life

Our kids camps and specialty programs are an excellent way for kids to experience the excitement of functional fitness and embrace a healthy and active lifestyle. With just one visit for a birthday party, PA day camp or trial class, children feel the positive effects of being active and the challenging fun that goes along with it at FirePower Kids.

Download your free guide: FPK Fit Tips for an inside look at what kids learn at the FirePower Kids gym.