Homeschool Phys Ed

Our Homeschool PE coaches make fitness fun!

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  • Wednesdays at 2:00 pm
  • October 2 to December 4, 2019
  • 60-minute class
  • 10-week session = $150 + HST per child
  • Ages 4 to 16
  • 10% off Additional Siblings (USE COUPON CODE at checkout: HOMESCHOOL10)
  • Minimum six participants, maximum 20 participants

Our specialized program geared to homeschool families combines activities from CrossFit Kids and CirqueKids. Our professional coaches guide your child to improved physical literacy and personalize your child’s workout to their age-appropriate needs and abilities.

The program is also a great way for homeschooled kids to meet and find a group of peers to hang out with.

Whether you’re looking to expose your child to more healthy activities or hope to challenge your active athlete, you can be sure they will develop strength, coordination, balance, agility, flexibility and endurance in our homeschool PE program.

Our most popular programs combine to be a source of constant learning

Our classes need to be fun to keep kids interested and eager to return. Your child needs to be engaged and guided to achieve their own personal accomplishments in physical education. That’s why we’ve combined our two popular and comprehensive programs to create a complete experience for homeschooled kids.

chin up kids fitnessCrossFit Kids is a fitness program specially geared to the physical and mental development of children. We focus on movement with proper form and use of various muscle groups to improve physical literacy and promote a healthy lifestyle.

CirqueKids brings the thrill and excitement of the circus to the gym for a unique and engaging fitness program. Kids learn fun physical skills such as rola bola, acrobatics, wire walking and juggling.

These two programs are a perfect combination to improve your son or daughter’s fitness level, coordination, self-confidence and focus. A typical class:

  • Begins with a warm up
  • Leads into a skill session teaching correct technique
  • Follows with a lively workout or activity
  • Ends with a fun game for a workout well-done!

Experience our facility

We’re building a community of fitness families at FirePower Kids and your children can be part of it! Register for the Homeschool PE program or drop by to learn how we can give your child advanced teaching in physical education.

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